New Medical Technologies
From space medicine to medicine of healthy man


Estimations of a current state of health
Estimations of the stress level
Revealing of functional exhaustions
Disclosing of functional exhaustions and nervous failures


During complex "Varicard" developing there were used achievements of space medicine in the field of an health state estimation and influences of a stressful level on an organism
"Health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being"
(from Constitution of World Health Organization)

Maintenance of sufficient adaptive capabilities of an organism, i.e. maintenance of health is in direct dependence on functional reserves of an organism, on its ability to mobilize these reserves for maintenance and preservations of stability in changing conditions of an environment. Any stress causes reaction of a pressure of a regulatory systems, mobilization of functional reserves, and it happens constantly. On the same influence at one people the pressure of the regulatory systems is insignificant (an ordinary level of a functional pressure), and the pressure can be sharply expressed at others. It depends on functional reserves of an organism and a stock of vital forces.

Thus, to dissert upon functional reserves of an organism and its adaptable opportunities, it is enough to measure a state of a functional pressure. The similar principle of an estimation of health is developed and used in space medicine.

The analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) is one of modern method of research and estimation of a condition of the physiological functions regulation mechanisms.

The complex "Varicard" is intended for the HRV analysis in various areas of applied physiology, preventive medicine and clinical practice. It provides realization of all basic methods of the HRV analysis (statistical analysis, variational pulsometry, correlation rhythmography, autocorrelation and spectral analysis) and allows to calculate up to 40 various parameters both used in Russia, and recommended by European-American standarts.

Institute of Introduction of New Medical Technologies RAMENA Open Company, Ryazan, Russia,, 2020